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    Questions we get asked more than you think!
    1. Q: How long does it take to receive my customized order?
    A: Each of our customized key necklaces is made to order. It usually takes 2-3 days to prepare a customized order and then your choice of shipping options on that order!
    2. Q: Will my key necklace look just like the one in the photo?
    A: Maybe! each of our key necklaces is made from many different old keys, so we cannot promise that it will be the EXACT same key. If that is something you're interested in feel free to contact us with any request and will be sure to help you out from there!!
    3. Q: What is your daily order cut off time?
    A: Our warehouse ships our products Monday-Friday by 6pm EST.
    4. Q: Where do you ship?
    A: Currently we only ship inside the United States! If you have an order you'd like to place from another country feel free to contact us!
    5. Q: Where do you get your keys from?
    A: Most of our keys are recycled from our local locksmiths! Very few of our keys are brand new keys! We love giving old keys to new homes!
    6. Q: Can I use more than one discount code at a time?
    A: Unfortunately not :(  We only allow one code per order!